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Dust off those sheets!
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Monday, November 19th, 2007
8:59 am
Intro post
Morning all, yet another guy looking for fun with a mature woman.  It's a fantasy I've always had, but haven't been able to fulfill it in some time.. about 10 years or so, actually.. Would really love to meet some women here in Jax, Fl who have a hting for younger men.

On to the about me...
~Name~ Matt
~Age~ 32
~Location~ Jax Beaches, Fl.
~Sex~ M

~Eye Color~ Light brown
~Hair Color~ Blue
~Hight~ 5'08"
~Weight~ 175
~Hobbies~ Reading, sports, random projects
~A typical DATE for you is what~ Meeting for lunch and having dessert between the sheets.
~Zodiac Sign~ Cancer
~Best Pick-up Line~ Do people still use those?
~Describe yourself~ A married man looking for fun outside the lines.. I'm not getting nearly what I need and am looking for a woman who shares some fantasies..

~Sex~ F
~Between what ages~ 40 - 70
~Location~ Jax, Fl area
~Intrested in~ Fun and passion. 
~Looking for What type of Relationship~ casual, no strings attached
~Married, Single, Divorced, Widow, Other~ Sure.

Look forward to hearing back from people. :)


Current Mood: calm
Thursday, August 16th, 2007
1:50 am
Looking to Play!

Looking to play with BBWs, mature (30+) women, and very petite women (all must be at least 18+).

AIM: SWKurtTrouti9
MSN: rypsocversion2@yahoo.com

I love to roleplay or cyber. Either is great. Pics are a plus.
Friday, August 10th, 2007
8:35 pm
~Name~ kelly
~Age~ 23
~Location~ pennsylvania
~Sex~ female

~Eye Color~ blue
~Hair Color~ brown
~Hight~ 5 foot
~Weight~ 220 lbs ...yes im a big girl
~Hobbies~  being creative sums it up mostly
~A typical DATE for you is what~  just spending time with my partner, usually in a shared interested like if we enjoy the same band we'll go to a concert or something.  I'm also content with spending a night at home snuggling.  I dont need anything expensive.
~Zodiac Sign~ gemini
~Best Pick-up Line~  not big on pick up lines actually. when i speak to someone it's because I have something to say worth listening to.
~Describe yourself~ I am fun to be around, I like to joke around and giggle when I cuddle with my partner.  I'm always looking for something new to try and if you don't like animals you probably shouldn't talk to me. :)

~Sex~ Male
~Between what ages~ 25-38
~Location~  I live in Pittsburgh so anywhere within that area because I know guys dont like to put in any energy that a  long distance situation would need.  Apparently guys can't be the ones who get in a car and drive... *shrugs* :)
~Intrested in~ A relationship, real 'play'.
~Looking for What type of Relationship~ Ideally I would like a serious relationship.  But I'm open to a more casual type of relationship.  I'll only know where it will go once I'm involved in it.
~Married, Single, Divorced, Widow, Other~ Single would be the easiest to build something.

~A picture of yourself you want to add?~ I do have them, but I'm not giving them out to just anyone.  I'm shy at this lj thing. ;)
Friday, May 25th, 2007
10:03 pm
Want to Play
Looking to Play! 23/m Here. Looking for MATURE or BBW women.

IM me at CBenoit128

I have nude pics (2 to be exact)

IM me to see. IM me to play. C'mon, it'll be loads of fun!
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
11:00 pm
Mod post and general update
Hello All!  I am the other mod for this community and I wanted to welcome you all officially.  Also, after consulting with xargonbr, I have modified and expanded the group's purpose to include love and lovers with age gaps, instead of limiting the scope to just older women with younger men.  I had asked about feedback for the idea in a previous post, but no one commented....  I also added a userpic.  Anyway, now you are up to date on this as well!  I hope everyone is OK with all this.  You are welcome to post more userpics or mention more interests, etc., as the idea of the community is to reflect you, the members. 

Monday, February 5th, 2007
7:34 pm
Hey there, This is the owner just sayin thanks to all that have joined but hey now common Post a lil somethin about yourselves, make a post or somethin...
Monday, July 24th, 2006
10:04 pm
Hey Guys! I was wondering about what you thought about the concept of this community. Right now, it is dedicated to love and/or companionship between younger men and older women. I was thinking that it might be beneficial and fair for it to also include the younger women/older men group as well. What do you think? Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

I realize that this community hasn't been active much, but I think we should change that, within our comfort zones, of course:-)

Anyway, I look forward to hearing any and all feedback!

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
11:24 am
Hello There...
Hello all, I am glad to see that there are a few of us out there...
Would you tell a few of your friends, anyone that you think would be interested in this type of site...
Also I would like to see you all post a lil, experiences, hopes, dreams, stories, etc...
Yea go ahead drop us a line...
This is a free comunity, so have a little fun with it, liven it up, we should get some new people in here...

Current Mood: hopeful
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
10:54 am
Hello there,
I created this community because I am tired of the standard of society, it always says that you can only date those close to your age. It really hurts tolook into the face of a person that you love and want, and to be told that you are too young, all the while looking into their eyes and seeing the same thing that you want, but they are not willing to try and bend the norms. This was created so that you have a place to tell your stories as well as invite, meets people like you, as well as invite the ones that you wish to share your time with...

For me on a more personal note: I started this because I have feelings for one that is atleast 10 yrs my senior, she is one of the most bueatiful woman that I have ever seen, but I am unsure if she will ever give me the chance that I so desire...
2:24 am
Hello There...
~Name~ Ron "Big Red"
~Age~ 24
~Location~ Tampa, Fl
~Sex~ Male

~Eye Color~ Changes
~Hair Color~ Red
~Hight~ 6'4-5"
~Weight~ 350ish EX football player
~Hobbies~ Movie, walking, reading, spending time with my friends, masages, cooking,
~A typical DATE for you is what~ it varies from time to time and person to person
~Zodiac Sign~ Libra
~Best Pick-up Line~ Is there really a best one?
~Describe yourself~ I am a fun loveing, easy going, gentle. I have a great sence of humor. I like to go out as much as I like to stay in and spend quality time. If there is any thing else you would like to know just ask...

~Sex~ Female
~Between what ages~ 30-up
~Location~ Tampa, or close by
~Intrested in~ you tell me what you like
~Looking for What type of Relationship~ one night, pen pals, fuck buddies, long term, we will have to see where this goes...
~Married, Single, Divorced, Widow, Other~ whatever

~Do you have a picture of yourself you want to add~ This pic is not the most resent, but it is close...

Current Mood: hopeful
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